February 05, 2016

My SPM story


It's been a long time since I last wrote an entry. The last one was published on April 11. Waaahh. How many months is it? Almost 9 months. Well, pardon me. I was busy studying for my SPM. SPM started on November 2 and ended on November 30. Untuk students bio la. Kalau yang ambil subjek elektif tu, bulan December baru diorang tamat.

So, alhamdullilah. I managed to sit for the examination without any serious problems. Setakat demam sikit tu ada la. I did my very best and in shaa Allah I will get the very best for me. Anyway, let bygone be bygone. Now, nak flashback..

Waktu mula-mula sekolah open last year, kemain excited. Maklum la, dah jadi senior. Seronoknya kemain. Tak sedar diri ni ada big exam menunggu. Ralit tu toksah cakap. Dengan handphone, laptop, tv, etc. Heaven kot. Study time time tertentu je. Bila ada mood nak belajar datang, baru buka buku. Tapi, setakat dua tiga muka surat jelah. Sebab penyakit malas tu memang menguasai diri. Alaa rileks la. SPM lambat lagi. 

Bila dah tengah tahun, rasa insaf tu timbul kejap. Kejap je la. Lepastu lagha lagi. Sampai la, result mid-year exam keluar. Dapat 8A 1B. Kira okay la tu kan. B Chemistry. I did try to join tuition centre tapi tak bertahan lama. Memang diri ni tak sesuai dengan extra classes. Tak suka sebab jadual harian jadi padat. End up, berhenti dari pusat tuisyen tersebut. My mom ikut aje la kan. Janji boleh uruskan study sendiri.


A week before SPM Trial start, dah mula study. Mula dah sedar. Masa tu memang tak cukup lah kan. So, what I did was, focus on weak subjects first. So, study Chemistry dulu because I really suck at it. I didn't sure berapa hari I focus kan Chemistry. But, definitely, I am very grateful I did that. Sebabnya, I grew fonder towards Chemistry. Dah mula sayang. Maklum la, dah faham sikit-sikit. Subjek lain memang tak cukup masa. Add Maths i spent more time sebab tak terer subjek ni. For AddMaths, I studied the night before with my pal, Sher. Because, she's the master! And alhamdullilah, now she's studying in UPM to pursue her study in accounting. Back to the topic, subjek yang senang-senang tu memang I akan study the night before the exam. And that's what we called, suicide!. Kalau tertidur tu, memang habis laaa. To future SPM candidates, please do not do this at home. Terribly dangerous.


I scored well in my trial. But, still not enough to meet the expectations of many people. Started from that time, I focused solely on my study. That time, rasa menyesal memang menyelubungi diri. Apasal la tak start study awal-awal.  If I started early, things will happen differently. Menyesal pun, no use. Tak apa la kan. Make this as a reminder for my own self. If I fail, then it's okay. Because I can learn from that. I often heard, resepi kejayaan adalah, jatuh 7 kali dan bangun 8 kali. If I fall, I must try to get back on my feet and continue the journey. 

My advices for all students out there, do not waste your school life on something that is totally not worthy. You guys should forget all those not-worth-your-time activities and invest your time more on study. But, make sure you do have a life. What I mean is, jangan la study 24/7. Go outside and meet people. Interact and socialize. That way, you will learn many things in life. And, what life is about. Life itself is a journey not a destination. So, start early and be the best you can be. In shaa Allah, you will achieve your own success. If you are about to fall, remember the recipe of success.

That's all for now. Till we meet again in my next entry. Thanks for reading. May the odds be in your favor.