April 11, 2015

Experience and exposure


I don't remember when was the last time i wrote an entry.These past few months have been a hectic one. My schedule was and is full. I only have the weekends to rest and to actually care about myself. But, even the weekends was and is full. Well, normal lah kan. The perk of being a student and not to mention Form 5 student. /rolls eyes/

I don't even know why i open this blog in the first place. I mean of course i had opened it before, but now it's different. I opened it and actually writing something right now. Okay la it's not write but type.

And since i don't even know what to tell about, i guess i will story-tell about my participation in a program last week. 

It's a sudden decision, actually. But, no regret. I was with my gang, of course, walking back to the class after came back from RTC for Karnival Jom Masuk U 2015. And swooosh my sir appeared. K, too much hahaha. He suddenly talked about essay, contest and do-you-want-to-join-it stuff. Blank kejap. So, i asked him the details of the contest and so on. Like the words limit, narration or what, when, where and etc. I have the right to know okay ^^ And then sir asked me to follow him to meet another teacher-in-charge. So yeahh after a long thought,i followed him and there's no turning back.

The teacher kinda explained everything and i just nodded. It's quite tough actually because it's a non-fiction essay contest. I was like "what ?" My strength is on narration, fiction, fairytale and imagination story. But, nahh. It's worth to try. Nothing to lose, something to gain. And when we went there, i was quite nervous because all the participants spoke in fluent English. Woahh, it's like they are native speaker. I felt down kejap and tak menaruh harapan yang tinggi sangat. If they can speak well, surely they can write well, right ?

When the contest started, i was blank for a minute because there's no specific question. I just need to write whatever that i heard when Tan Sri Wan Azmi talked before. I snapped out of it and started to write whatever that I remembered and whatever that came in my mind. Right after the contest ended, relief overwhelmed me. The burden had been lifted from me. Freedom ! Even so, my hope was only 10%. I'm not confident with what i wrote. Even when i read it back before times up, it felt like something was lacking. And the problem with me is, i couldn't figure what was lacking. Pasrah hahaha.

 I looked focused ....... or rather blank

Sorry for the blur pic. And there's more after this kekeke 
Next day, we went there again for prize giving ceremony. Before that, there were speeches by Dato' Mahmood Merican and Tan Sri Wan Azmi. Seriously, I respect them so much. When I heard their speech, I felt like I have way too long journey to achieve success. Their speeches were so inspiring and motivational. They shared with us how they struggled and their experiences in a way to achieve success. They even shared tips on how to excel in English from every aspect. It helps me a lot.

The person, who was holding the prizes is Dato' Mahmood Merican. If you want to know more about him, go and ask Google. 'He' knows everything that need to be know.

And, unfortunately i didn't win. As expected. Only received consolation prize,but it's better than nothing. The winner received Rm1000 cash and certificate. First runner-up received RM600 and a certificate while the second runner-up received RM400 and a certificate. I know. Mind-blowing ! The winners really deserved it. And both grand winner and first runner-up are Ismailian (SIC). Again, mind-blowing ! How on earth they can write well ? I need to learn more and more bcs I'm lacking too much.

 I received a certificate, a notebook and a colourful memo pad. The memo pad is so pretty... Can i just keep it ? Sayang betul nak guna hehe

 This photo was taken before the contest start. I looked pretty decent hahahahah. Sorry for my sudden perasan-ness. Btw, do you notice a prefect guy in the pic ? Well, he's the winner.

Anyway, congratulations to all of us. Win or lose, doesn't matter because at the end, everyone is a winner. Experience and exposure are the most important thing. Your failure is an another stepping stone to a success. Never lose hope and keep your faith. And i guess, I need to put a stop here. See you guys in my next entry, which i don't even know will exist or not hahahaha . Thanks for reading ❤

February 13, 2015

Fa sobrun jamil


Finally, i managed to take a few mins untuk buka blog ni. After a real long off, dapat jugak bukak blogger. BY that, i really means "bukak". Ya know. Sebelum ni hanya sempat bukak gitu gitu aje. Sekadar sekilas pandang. Tapi tadi.. berjaya la blogwalking satu blog. HAHAHA it's like a real honor for me. Boleh bw even one blog hehe. I think this is the first entry for 2015, right ? Oh mayy. Lamanya tak taip menaip ni. Rasa rindu pun ada.

   BTW, so far, 2015 has been good to me :) Everything seems to be in a normal way. Alhamdulillah semuanya dipermudahkan. Mungkin la ada sikit2 dugaan tapi biasa la. Nama lagi kehidupan kan? You'll never know what is happiness until you really learn what is sadness. Semua yang kau hadapi waktu dolu dolu semuanya ada sebab. Nak mengajar erti kehidupan. Nak ajak kau bangkit semula. Nak kau terus bersemangat. Bukannya terus jatuh selepas satu ujian. Percayalah, setiap apa yang kau lalui sekarang, ada hikmah di sebalik semuanya.

   Everything happens for a reason. What you need to do is, handle it well. Jangan nak salahkan orang lain. Jangan nak hentam keromo saja. Jangan. Cuba bersikap positif. Mungkin la waktu mula mula tu kau akan rasa rendah je. Kenapa semua jadi macam ni, kan ? Tapi apa kata cuba tenangkan diri tu dulu. Try to open your mind. Fikir kenapa kau diuji macam ni ? Cuba lihat di sebalik semua tu, apa yang ingin ditunjukkan. Believe me, there's something awaits if you are patient.

For me, waktu diuji dengan banjir dulu, i always thought of our safety. What if air terus naik ? What if kami tak sempat nak selamatkan diri ?  Tapi, alhamdulillah kami selamat. Our neighbours semua pergi ke pusat pemindahan except for our one neighbour. Sama macam kami semua. Naik tingkat atas. It was a really difficult time bcs takde elektrik. Elektrik ni macam sumber segala galanya tahu tak. Takpelah. Tak kisahkan sangat asal makanan minuman ada. Luckily, we managed to bring the dapur gas ke tingkat atas. And semua benda2 penting & berharga. Yang tak berapa nak penting, kami tinggikan. And alhamdulillah air tak naik tinggi dan tak menjejaskan barangan tersebut.

    Bila flashback balik, rasa macam bersukur sangat sangat. Nasib kami ni masih baik jika nak dibandingkan dengan penduduk di kawasan yg terkena banjir teruk; Kuala Krai. They all lagi teruk kena. They lost almost everything even rumah mereka. Air naik sampai tingkat 2-3 sekolah. Tapi kami ? Alhamdulillah bersyukur sangat sebab masih okay keadaan kami semua :) Kalau kehilangan harta benda ni apala sangat kalau nak dibandingkan kehilangan nyawa, kan ? Fa inna sobrun jamil.

   Always be a positive person and in shaa Allah you'll feel the sweetness in life. Barakallahufikum.